This Is Not A Mailbox…

and a business plan is not a business plan if it’s not in writing.

I’ve met lots of businesss owners and CEOs here in Iowa who tell me they have a great plan but admit it’s not in writing. This is a real challenge if you want your team to not only follow you, but actually know enough about where you are going so they can help lead.

Yes a written business plan takes time but much less that trying to go back and redirect the team when they repeatedly move off track. A business plan does not have to be very complicated but it does need to be in writing.

Renaissance Exectutive Forums has a one-page business plan that allows you to find clarity in your ideas, get them on one page so your team can understand, and even meassure their efforts against them as you move through the year. Contact me to get your copy.

One Page Business Plan

Let us know what you think about all this...