Do Something Different.

In order to do something you’ve never done before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.

Mike Kleis.

This sounds simple, but it’s often hard to do. We are creatures of habit and for many of us, we like our habits more than we like change. Even change that we know will help.

This is the reason build complicated work-arounds for faulty systems and employees, instead of pulling the plug. After a while, we just get used to it being that way and no one even thinks about anymore.

That is until you present your “Focused Executive” during your CEO Peer Group meeting, and the room full of successful business owners and CEOs start looking at you like “you must be kidding!”

That is the beauty of peer to peer review. We know what it looks like to do great work, and we know what it’s like to try and believe our own story. We hold each other accountable to pushing past complacency and onto success.

This is one of the reasons our CEO Peer Group members stay an average of five years. There is real value from the encourgement of others to be our best. Contact me to see how this can be a value to you too.

2 thoughts on “Do Something Different.

    • Thank you. We’ve seen lives changed for the better because our group members encouraged each other to take a bold step outside their comfort zone. “Comfort Zone” is another word for FEAR. Perfect love gets rid of fear, and our group members actually feel loved by each other enough to make the changes they need too take. #peertopeer #CEO #Iowa

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